Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Face Lift

Just a slightly new look to the layout here. I am trying to get stuff in my sidebar that will help direct more traffic to my site.

I added a "subscribe to" box. This just means when I add new content you will automatically be emailed. So sign up and you don't have to guess when I am uploading something. Sometimes I post early, early in the morning before work, but sometimes I can't get enough time until after I come back from the gym the second time (maybe 7 or 8 pm.)

Also, you will see a different look to my Labels. It is called a Label Cloud and I think it is a lot more eye appealing than just a long ole' list. Thanks to my son who is home from school for installing it for me (and no thanks WHATSOEVER to the guy who designed the darn thing...he was "too busy" to help me get it loaded.)

If I didn't like the way it looked I would have told the guy what he could do with his little cloud! I can't stand people who do something and offer it to the public but then have no time to help you actually use it!

Here is what the Label Cloud SHOULD look like.

Anyway, the Label Cloud is trying to get itself used to being on my site...sometimes it is there and sometimes it doesn't load quite right. I have that issue with my Counter as well. I think they take up more bandwith or whatever and so are slower to get going than the other small items. I'd ask the designer about the Label Cloud but..never mind! LOL

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