Monday, June 30, 2008

Template Freebie: Beijing

Here is another digital scrapbooking freebie from my Major Cities of the World Template Series. For the Beijing Template I opted not to use an Olympic theme eventhough the 2008 Olympics will be held there. I wanted everyone to be able to use this template, not just those visiting for the Olympics.

Once again you can look to my Countries of the World Template Series to find a corresponding template from China to use for your layouts.

Journaling can be done free handed in any blank space on the template. I did not want to make the template unbalanced by adding a journaling element on just one side.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Want Your Name on Jr's Race Car (or Pit Wall, or Car Cover, etc)

Really. But I think they have planned ahead and tried to accomodate for the fact that the car isn't going to be big enough to hold all the fans' names in Junior Nation!!!!

It would take quite a sum of money to put your name on the side of a race car, but AMP Energy drink is providing an opportunity for NASCAR fans to do just that with Dale Jr.'s #88 car. The first 65,000 people to sign up at AMP Energy's web site will have their name appear on the car for that AMP Energy 500 at Talledega Superspeedway. If you don't sign up in time, the next 35,000 names will appear on the pit wall banner, and registered names to appear after that will appear on the race car cover or on AMP Energy signage posted throughout the race track. We'd guess the names will be pretty small, so don't expect to see your name on TV any time soon. The last day to register is July 1. ~Drew Phillips
REPEAT: Last day to register is July 1. That's Tuesday.

Go to Amp Energy and sign up to get your name somewhere on something Dale Jr. will at least walk past. LOL!!!!!

I probably got there in time to have my name on the sign that points to the Amp concession stand on the side of the road 5 miles away from the track!

But at least they are thinking ahead about the sheer numbers that will respond to this!

Your Layouts!

Here are more layouts from my State Template Series form Deborah at Misfit Princess.
She is working her way through all 50 states, desiging layouts even if she hasn't visited the state.

Your Layouts!

Here is a beautiful layout from Nani that started with my Rome Template and sort of took off from there. I appreciate her giving me credit for the template on her layout page, but she was so creative that I don't even recognize it as my own! LOL I think she did a fabulous job making the template work for her!

Remember, I have no problems with you changing things around on my templates a little (or alot.) I just like it when my work can inspire you to create something that is unique to you!!!

Rome Template Freebie Today

Here is the Rome Template from my Major Cities of the World Template Series. This is the 29th template in this series. There are a total of 46 in all.

I'm still designing the templates and I usually use Sundays while I watch the NASCAR race to do my designing. I am running behind because of studying for my personal training certification. I need to get busy now that the test is taken. I should have the results in about 4 weeks.

So today will be a very busy design day. I have templates from Mexico and Spain to design and then it will be New Hampshire and Utah.

Here is a link to the Italy Template from the Countries of the World Template Series. It will go great with the Rome template.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taos Template Freebie

Taos is a ski resort community in New Mexico. This template was requested along with yesterday's Albuquerque template.

I am not familair with the area at all and I am not a skier so I can't really comment on Taos other than to say the photos I saw on line are beautiful.

There are many other things besides skiing in Taos. Just looking at the website above I had to bookmark the page as a possible travel destination even though I don't ski!

You can download the Taos Template here.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Heidelberg Scrapbooking Information

Renie left this comment on one of my template posts.:

We are due to move to Heidelberg in August -- any scrapbooking groups to be
found?? How about stores with scrapbooking supplies?

If anyone has any information they can pass on it would be great to be able to help Renie. Just leave a comment on this post and I will see that she gets the messages.

Template Freebie: Albuquerque

Good morning. Well, the main thing I learned about this city while desiging the Albuquerque Template was that I had no idea how to spell it! Wow!

Check out my New Mexico Template from my State Template Series. It will go well with this template if you need to make more than one layout with your pictures.

Alberqerque brings back memories of 1983 when I was at Peace College in Raleigh, NC watching the NC State Wolfpack pick its way thru the NCAA tournament. I remember watching games by myself in the basement rec room of my dorm while I did laundry.

I also remember going out to the big college hangout across the street from NC State's campus the night of the finals. The Final Four of 1983 was held in Albuquerque, NM. NC State was playing Houston for the championship.

This year was the 25th anniversay of NC State winning that championship. I remember it like it was just yesterday!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jerusalem Template Freebie

Today I am offering the Jerusalem Template. This template can also be used with the Isreal Template from my Countries of the World Template Series.

We are over half way finished with the Major Cities of the World Template Series. I am trying to think of new things to do. I have been doing template series now for several months and I am trying to think beyond templates now.

I have one idea I am working on...a series of kits. But I haven't had much time to get past the first one. I don't want to offer anything if the whole thing isn't at least thought out.

Oh well, I will see if I have time this weekend to work on it some more.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Phoenix Template Freebie 'Rises Up!'

Ok, corny title but after months and months of writing blog entires every single day I am coming up a little dry as far as creatively describing what I am offering! LOL

The good news is I've spent a few hours the last couple of days downloading some public domain clipart that I can use for my designs. Since I am not very artistc in the drawing sense, I rely on things I can find that are free for people to use. I try to make sure I am not pirating anything.

If you ever think something I am using is copyrighted or not for public use please use the email link under my profile and send me a private note so I can check out what you say. I really don't want to take what isn't offered for general use.

Ok, on to the digital scrapbooking freebie of the day here at Scrapping 'Til Dawn. (I hope Google is picking up on all this phrasing!!!)

Today is the Phoenix Template. Also take a look at my Arizona Template from my State Template Series.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Freebie of the Day: San Francisco Template

Back to the USA for today and tomorrow's templates from the Major Cities of the World Template Series.

Here is the San Francisco Template. It features the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. There were so many options when trying to find a design for this city. I settled on the most recoginzable one.

San Francicso is one of the places I would like to visit that I haven't been able to see yet. It sort of has a special meaning to me. While on a business trip with my father in 1984, my mother passed away in San Francisco. It was sudden and very unexpected.

Tomorrow I will offer the Phoenix Template.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh Canada at ScrapbookFlair

If you haven't discovered the freebies at ScrapbookFlair by now then you need to pop over there and get the Oh Canada Collection. It will go great with my Countires of the World Template Series offering: Canada Template.

Copenhagen Template For Today's Freebie

If you have been following my blog all along (since its conception last November) then you are aware of the trip we took to Denmark last year to visit our friends Ambassador and Mrs. Jim Cain.

The Copenhagen Template features another picture from that trip. You can also use the Denmark Template from the Countries of the World Template Series to display other photos from your trip.

I have some more of my Copenhagen pictures in another layout using my Flourish Template if you missed them all of the other times I have posted them. LOL

The Copenhagen Template features an overlay of the Little Mermaid statue located in the Copenhagen harbor.

Copenhagen might be one of those places that you say to yourself, "I should go there," but you never really make plans to do that. I HIGHLY recommend you make a point of traveling there. It is a wonderful city full of history and "atmosphere."

We went in September and the weather was wonderful. Not too cold, and not too hot. We had beautiful sunny days where the sky was SO blue. It looked stunning aganst the back drop of Nyhavn (featuring the rows of colorful buildings in the picture I used for this layout.)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogger Trouble

It appears Blogger is having some issues. Half of the contents of my sidebar does not load properly even though the codes are still visible when I look at the customize option.

This is effecting my Label Cloud, my archives, etc. If you need to find something specific try using the "search blog" option in the upper left of the navigation bar that Blogger provides at the top of my page.

I hope this clears up soon.

Freebie: Tokyo Template

Here is template # 21 in the Major Cities of the World Template Series. The Tokyo Template is today's digital scrapbooking freebie!

Please keep in mind that some of the elements on these templates aren't very easy to color in the traditional way. Play around with the effects in your Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop programs.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Template Freebie: Glasgow

Back to the UK today for the Glasgow Template. Thanks to Megadoodle Inspired for the plaid layer in this template. It came from the Ephemeral Victorian-which is now gone. :(

Also check out my Countries of the World Template Series...Scotland template. (There are 2 links in that sentence!)

I hope you are enjoying designing layouts with these templates as much as I am enjoying making them. I have noticed they don't get as many downloads as the other templates in my other series have. I think this is due in part to the fact that I have narrowed the target market from countries or states of people to just cities! LOL

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heidelberg Template Freebie

Here is another template to go with the other German themed templates in the Major Cities of the World Template Series and the Countries of the World Template Series.

Find links to the other German downloads here.
The Heidelberg Template has as its focus the beautiful Heidelberg Castle. When we lived in Germany, my ex and I toured the castle and saw the famous Heidelberg Castle Illumination. What a spectacular event!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Consumer Warning!!!!!

Many times on this blog I have offered tips about, or links to, websites and/or offers of products/services that I thought you might enjoy.

This time I am posting a WARNING to everyone out there.

A co-worker was telling me about a program her fiance' bought to make ringtones for his phone. He sent me a sample ringtone and it worked well with my particualr Version phone so I decided to purchase the program.

I wanted to have the Junior Nation Amp radio spot as my ringtone!

After trying several different setups with this product, Xingtone, I could not get the ringtones I had created to come to my phone via text messaging.

So, I completed the online customer service form since there was no phone number to directly contact the customer service department.

A few minutes later I received an automated response email so I am sure they got my customer service request. This email contained a "tag number" and a note not to reply to this email but that someone would contact me.

Six days passed and I never heard from anyone at that company. I filled out another customer service request that referenced the first one (tag number and all) and once again I got an automated responce (with a new tag number.)

In the second customer service request I stated that because of a lack of customer service I had not been able to use their product in the week since I had purchased it. I also said that if I didn't hear from them in 24 hours I would contact my bank and start proceedings to have the charges reversed on my purchase.

Needless to say 24 hours came and went and I did not hear from them. So yesterday I contacted my bank and filed a claim against them. It may only be $19.95, but I worked hard to earn that money. And I want what I paid for or I want a refund. By this point, I just want a refund.

I'll let you know what happens next. But I wanted to let everyone know that this comapny has no desire to help you and if you buy their product and it doesn't work right away, don't count on them to help you out. Obviously they have your money and that is all that matters to them.

The good news is that my co-worker's fiance' made me the Dale Jr. Amp ringtone (and a couple of others) so I did actually get the ringtone I wanted! All I need now is my $19.95 back!

London Template is Freebie for Wednesday

Here is is Wednesday again! The days, weeks and months are just flying by this year! I just purchased my first Christmas gift the other day! I always try to start early, but this is a record for me.

Today I am offering the London Template. I must admit, I am not too thrilled with the Buckingham Palace Guard on the template. I couldn't find a decent picture to work with. If you don't like him, just delete that layer when you are designing.

Of course I know you know what is next: I put in a plug for my Countries of the World Template Series offering to match this template. Ok, so maybe this is somebody's first visit to my site. I want them to get everything they need while they are here!

So, go to the England Template and use it with this template because I know you took more than one picture while you were in London!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Headed "Down Under" For Today's Freebie: Sydney Template

Today we travel WAY southwest of Germany to the city of Sydney, Australia.

Remember, I am designing these templates in the order they were requested. Thank goodness WE aren't paying the fuel bill to jet round the world like this! LOL

Here is the Sydney Template with the famous Opera House as the center attraction. You can use the Opera House as your journaling box if you would like. I also included a boomerang picture frame.

Notice too that the font on this template, Waltzing Matilda, which is available on many of the free font sites, is also on the Australia Template from my Countries of the World Template Series.

**Hint: If you want the fonts on both templates the same size for a double layout page simply adjust them in the layers window or pallette on the templates.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cologne Template Freebie

Cologne is Germany's 4th largest city and today's Major Cities of the World Template Series template features that city's famous cathedral.

Get the Cologne Template today and also pick up the other German templates I have offered in my other template series. Those templates include Germany, East and West Germany, Munich, Berlin (and Berlin 2) and Nurnberg.

Thanks to the Ephemeral Victorian (which is now gone) for the lace picture frame.

Sunday, June 15, 2008



I am so excited that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won his first race this season (or last season for that matter.) It was just a matter of time before all those Top 10 and Top 5 finishes paid off.

How fitting is it that he broke his Victory Lane drought on Father's Day!

Freebie: Sao Paulo Template

Today the digital scrapbooking freebie is the Sao Paulo Template. It is part of my Major Cities of the World Template Series. As people requested the templates, I have been designing them.

(Sorry, but the requests for templates for this series is now closed.)
I really had no idea about this particular city as I researched it for my template. I decide to use the design on the city flag as the focal point of the layout.

Don't forget about the Brazil Template from the Countires of the World Template Series. And yesterday's freebie, the Rio de Janerio Template, compliments these other templates.

Happy Father's Day

Remember to grab my Father's Day Template here. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Template Companions

Kyra (over at With a Russian/Dutch Heart) and I have been exchanging links for quite awhile now. When she designs something that might go with one of my templates she puts a link to my design on her blog. And I in turn link to her kit here.

I think this is great because it gives you guys some ideas on how to use both designer's offerings. Sometimes when I am downloading other people's creations, I have no idea what I am finally going to do with them but I like the designs so much that I simply must download them!

I have an entire external hard drive with nothing but other people's scrapbooking designs downloaded on it! A lot of them haven't even been used in a layout yet.

Kyra's latest offering is her Safari Fever Kit and it will go great with my templates from India and Africa that are part of the Countries of the World Template Series. Happy "hunting!"

Today It Is The Rio de Janerio Template Freebie

The Rio de Janerio Template has the Christ the Redeemer statue as an overlay layer.

I was reading where the statue was struck by lightning on February 10, 2008 but was not harmed. Amazing.

This installment of the Major Cities of the World Template Series will go along well with my Brazil Template from the Countries of the World Template Series.

Come back tomorrow for another Brazilian city, Sao Paulo.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dale Jr Paper Scrapbooking Supplies

I just got an email from Dale Earnhardt Jr's sister's scrapbooking store, The Scrap Shack in Mooresville, NC. They have just gotten in the new Dale Jr. papers for his new number/colors/sponsors.
So if you are a big Dalr Jr fan you need to go over there very quickly and order these paper scrapbooking supplies before they sell out!

People have been waiting for the new line to arrive and Kelley's store usually has THE MOST variety of Dale Jr. stuff for paper scrappers. She sort of has an "in" when it comes to the merchandise! LOL

I have included one of their papers in a photo marked "sample" (so no one will pirate it.) They have some good race car themed stuff at The Scrap Shack. Lots of drivers are included so go take a look.

Kyra's New Kit Goes With My Templates

Kara @ With a Russian/Dutch Heart has been busy, busy, busy!

Here is another kit she made, this time one that will go well with my Paris Template from the Major Cities of the World Template Series.

Here is her Paris Kit.

You can also use this kit with my France Template which is part of the Countries of the World Template Series. Maybe you could fill in the country outline with one of Kayra's papers.

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie: Salt Lake City Template

Friday again already! YEAH! I guess when you keep really busy the days just fly by!

I can't believe we are on the 13th template of the Major Cities of the World Template Series already. (Don't let the 2 Berlin templates throw you off...I am counting them as one template.)

Today I have the Salt Lake City Template for you. For those of you not familar Salt Lake City, it is in Utah.

Don't laugh, I have a lot of people who come from other countries visiting my blog and they may not know that much about this western United States city.

Many who have heard of Salt Lake City usually associate it with the Mormons. The temple on the template represents the Mormons' presence in Salt Lake City. Of course there is the Great Salt Lake near there as well.

Feel free to use the Utah Template from the State Template Series or just some of the elements from it as you do your Salt Lake City layouts.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panoramic Photo Program

I've been looking for an easy panoramic photo program that will stitch together multiple photos so that I don't have to line them up myself. Well today I found that program And guess what?

It's FREE.

So of course I am going to pass it on to everyone. It is Windows Live Photo Gallery. Here are some samples of what I put together using at least 5 photos in each shot: Lowe's Motor Speedway from our seats 2005 Cripple Creek, CO in October 2007
Old North Wilkesboro Speedway 2005
Not bad considering I wasn't taking the photos specifically to stitch them together. I was hoping one day I might find a program, but really I was just trying to get the entire thing on film some way.

I hope this program can give you great photos just like mine. I am very excited I didn't have to pay a couple of hundred bucks for this! I am happy with the free version!

State Template Series Companions

Here is Kyra's Pennsylvainia Kit from With A Russian/Dutch Heart. Use her kit along with my Pennsylvania Template from my State Template Series. They'll go great together!

San Diego Template is Freebie of the Day

Next up in the Major Cities of the World Template Series is the San Diego Template. Two major attractions in San Diego are featured on the template: the San Diego Zoo and Sea World.

Personally I like the San Diego Chargers because their quaterback, Philip Rivers, played at NC State. But I didn't put him on the template. Not everyone is a Chargers fan. Me, I like 'em simply because Philip plays for them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here is the Berlin 2 Template Freebie

After having been informed that my original Berlin Template is wrong, I have edited it so that it isn't offensvie to Berliners.

Many others have said how much they like it. That's fine because you probably aren't German and didn't realize (like I didn't) that the German man is not dressed correctly to be representing Berlin.

Actually it is all that little man's fault on the Munich Template because that was where I was going to put this other Greman guy but then I saw the cover of the book I mentioned in the Munich template and decided to use this man for the Berlin Template.

I would have lucked out then and had the right costume on the right template but it just happened this way and I apologize again for not knowing any better.

So what do you do? If it makes no never mind to you what the guy is wearing, then use the first template (or even both templates if you have multiple pictures.) If you know how badly I messed up and want the correct Berlin element, then use the Berlin 2 Template.

Correction Coming Soon

I got an email from Amy today and she informed me that my Berlin Template is wrong. She says, "This man is a typical Bavarian and he has nothing to do with Berlin. Bavaria and Berlin are like fire and water."

Well of course I had no idea about the little details like that being as I am not German. But I can certainly see how it would be very obvious to someone who knew. Think of it as a US Civil War picture with a Yankee representing the South!!! The Horror!!! Seriously.

So I am in the process of creating a new Berlin Template. Today is a very hectic day but I will try to have a new one up by tonight.

I apologize to anyone I have offened. And just to let you know, Amy did the right thing. She emailed me (that's one reason why I offer my email address) and she told me the problem. She didn't yell at me or say something totally out of line. She simply let me know I was mistaken, gave me a few suggestions and asked me to create a new template.

I have never claimed to be an expert on foriegn countries and I do the best I can when I am designing. To be honest, I'm really suprised this doesn't happen more often because sometimes I have no idea what to put on a template!

So, "no harm, no foul" and I will correct it as soon as possible. Thanks for the head's up, Amy!

Freebie for Wednesday: Berlin Template

Another German city with today's digital scrapbooking freebie, the Berlin Template.

I was very disappointed that when we lived in West Germany, we were never able to travel to Berlin because of my ex-husband's military cleareance. It was a complicated mess back then and he could never get the ok to travel to Berlin without losing his security ranking for x number of days.

And then there was the issue of the "duty train" which was the only way US military could cross into East Germany while on vacation. Aarrgghh!!!

I certainly hope that military families have an easier time traveling around that beautiful country than we did in 1986.

Once again you can use parts or all of the Germany and East/West Germany templates as a double layout or simply use those elements on this template. There is a Checkpoint Charile element on the East Germany Template.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Graduation Layout

Here is a layout of my fiance's granddaughter, Emma. She graduated from pre-school last Sunday.

I used elements and papers from my Graduation Kit and my Graduation Kit Add On.

It is amazing...I didn't graduate until I was in high school.

Bret Hedican and Kristi Yamaguchi to Leave NC

Carolina Hurricanes' defenceman Bret Hedican and wife Kristi Yamaguchi are
moving their family to northern California this summer and he's looking for a
new job, says a report in the Raleigh News and Observer.

That would seem to limit his options to the San Jose Sharks, though
there is no word on whether that club would have any interest.

Munich Template For Today's Freebie

Here is the second of three German cities requested in a row for the Major Cities of the World Template Series. Look for another one later in the series.

The Munich Template features the cover of a book by Sasek called This is Munich. I just loved the man on the cover so I thought I would feature the whole book.

Tomorrow is the Berlin Template. Yesterday's Nurnberg template, this one today and the one tomorrow were all requested by the same person. Remember to look up the Germany template trio (East, West and unified) to use with these templates,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Your Layouts

Deborah has more layouts of my State Template Series at Misfit Princess! She says she is really enjoying making these layouts. It shows in her work!!

Freebie: Nurnberg Template

Today's freebie for your digital scrapbooking is the Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Template. No matter how you spell it or how it is pronounced, there is no denying that the city is full of history!

Nurnberg dates back to the Middle Ages and has a famous walled city that surrounds Nurnberg Castle. Nurnberg was also the site of the Nurnberg Trials after World War 2.

When my ex and I lived in Germany, we went to Nurnberg to the Christkindlesmarkt . It is like a huge crafts exhibit with tons and tons of Christmas stuff! It is situated in the town square in the shadow of the great church, Liebfrauenkirche.

Nurnberg is truly one of Germany's jewels! I consider myself very lucky to have been able to travel there while my ex and I were stationed in Germany with the US Army.

Make sure you check out my West Germany and my Germany templates from the Countries of the World Template Series to go along with this template.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Celebration and A Kit

Take a quick trip over to With A Russian/Dutch Heart today because she is celebrating her blog's first birthday!

While you are there, check out Kyra's kit of Imperial China. She let this one slip by me (shame on her.) Usually she lets me know when she has something that will coordinate with one of my templates.

Unfortunately I don't always make the time to surf my favorite designer's sites every day (shame on me.) Right now I am in the process of studying for my Personal Trainer Certification.

Father's Day Template Freebie

One week from today is Father's Day. I wanted to get you my Father's Day Template while you still had time to make a layout and email it to your dad as a Father's Day card.

Also, here is a link to my Mother's Day Template just in case you missed it.

It is back to the Major Cities of the World Template Series tomorrow.