Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Freebie: New Year's Eve Papers

Guys, it has come time to actually stop posting to my least for now. I am so busy trying to get everything straightend out that I don't have time to even post the freebie in advance.

So I am going to use the last day of the year to post my last freebie for now. I will leave the blog "as is" so anyone can follow a link to it and get what they want.

Thank you so much for all your support. You can continue to email me if you want to let me know something. I welcome your correspondence.

Here is the New Year's Eve Papers freebie.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Curly Frames Freebie

Here is today's digital scrapbooking freebie: Curly Frames. There are 18 frames in this set.

So sorry! Was out of town last night and am just now gettng this posted. I am SO slack!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Something Different: Rolodex Template Freebie

Ok, here is something a little unique you may like. This is the Rolodex Template.

The idea behind this is that you can "scrap" your contacts. You can add a photo or avitar and write in all the contact information. Then you can either store it on your computer as a slide show OR you can print them out and make your own Rolodex file for yourself or a friend.

Why not have some fun with your contact information?!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Your Layouts

Deborah at Misfit Princess has made a tag using one of my Boo Boo Templates. Here is her version of my Broken Arm Template.

Freebie: Victorian Seaside Tags

Well I survived my first day at the new part time job. It was pretty cool. I'm still working my last days at the gym so they are overlapping right now. I apologize to those I am ignoring right now! There just isn't enough time in the day!!!

And it is getting hard to keep thse freebies rolling in. Luckily I have this afternoon and evening I can do some desiging to catch up and get ahead a little.

Today's freebie has an old fashioned feel to it. Here are the Victorian Seaside Tags. Thanks to Moo Too Designs for the CU tag element I used to create these tags.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hanukkah Freebie: Meonrah Papers

As promised, here is the second Hanukkah freebie for the holidays. This is a set of eight Meonrah Papers.

Make sure you also download the Hanukkah Template I offered several days ago.

Tomorrow is my first day at the new part time job. I hope it goes ok!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kwanzaa Papers Freebie

Now that Christmas is over I wanted to offer another couple of holiday freebies for the season.
Today is the Kwanzaa Papers freebie. This is a set of four papers that helps to celebrate this holiday.

Tomorrow is the second in my Hanukkah offerings that I promised when I offered the Hanukkah Template.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas: Ornament Templates Freebie

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope your holidays have been great.

Today's digital scrapbooking freebie contains 10 Christmas ornaments that you can fill any way you like.

Get the Ornament Templates here.

If you don't like the drop shadow on the ornaments you can delete it with your magic wand tool.

And here are a couple of examples of what you can do with these templates:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holly Template Freebie

Sorry so late today. I was out last night and didn't get to schedule my post in advance like I usually do.

Today I am posting a template I made last year. It corresponds with the Holly freebie I offered last year.

That freebie is one of the few I discontinued from my site, but you can actually "lift' the individual holly off the template if you still want to use it.

Also the Holly Set and Holly Set Add On are the first themed kit I ever designed and they make use of this same holly pattern. Get them here.

Here is the Holly Template for you. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Freebie: Currier and Ives II Add On

Today is the second part of my Currier and Ives II offering. I hope you caught the first part yesterday!

Here is the Currier and Ives II Add On for your downloading pleasure! LOL

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Currier and Ives II Freebie

Last year at this time I introduced a Currier and Ives themed collection. It was very popular so I thought I would offer something similar this year.

Get last year's Currier and Ives Sleigh Ride Collection plus the other elements with the Currier and Ives theme here.
And here is this year's Currier and Ives II set featuring the picture A Brush On the Snow. Look for the add on to this kit tomorrow!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hanukkah Template Freebie

Taking a break from Christmas freebies today to offer one of two Hanukkah freebies. The second one will be here right after Christmas.

This stamp themed template was inspired by a US postage stamp from several years ago. Here is the Hanukkah Template for you to download.

After Christmas I will offer some Hanukkah themed papers so please come back and check them out.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Papers Freebie

It is getting closer and closer to Christmas. I'm working hard to keep up the holiday freebies, but work is hectic right now. We are trying to get all our paying clients taken care of before the gym closes.

I'm also starting to date again and I'm finding it hard to find the time to get my digital scrapbooking designs out of my head and onto the computer. Honestly, I'm not thinking too much about the designs at all! *grin* Seven years out of the loop and I am in a candy store now! LOL

But I did have this set of Santa Papers already made up! I used a CU overlay from Pillowgirl's Scraps for the background design on the papers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Is...Template Freebie

Here is another Christmas template I designed for you. This cute template uses a gift box as a picture frame.

Get the Christmas Is...Template freebie here.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I wanted to let you guys know I found a part time job. So that is a beginning to getting back on my feet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freebie: Christmas Bows

The digital scrapbooking freebie for today is a set of elements that can be used at Christmas, but also can be used for birthday layouts.

There are 10 bows in all. I used a CU element from The Ephemeral Victorian (which is no longer an active site.)
Grab the Christmas Bows here. See the close up detail:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Christmas Angel Template freebie

This is a template that I made last year at Christmas but never offered. I couldn't get it the way I wanted it. So I held on to it and waited until this year.

The angel in the My Christmas Angel Template is the same one I used last year for my angel series. If you want to download those sets of angels then use the angel link here. Just scroll down until you see them.

The angel in this template is actually the frame. If you don't fill the entire angel with your photo you can use a background color to fill the rest of it in.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Angel Cookie Collection Add On Freebie

Today I am offering the second half of yesterdays' Angel Cookie Collection. There are more papers, banners, an overlay and another tag in this set.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Angel Cookie Collection Is Freebie of the Day

What would Christmas be without Christmas cookies? I remember that was part of the holiday ritual at our house when I was growing up. I loved to bake and so we would have tons of cookies!

The Angel Cookie Collection is a tribute to those happier times in my life. I look back on those days and sometimes wish I could go back and re-do some of the wrong turns I took in my life.

But then I look at my son and realize without some of those turns, I wouldn't have him. So that makes THAT part of it worth the while!

Now I just have to find what makes THIS part of it worth the while!!! Maybe the trips to Hawaii and Europe!!! LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Freebie: Christmas Papers

The digital scrapbooking freebie for today is 12 papers with a cute little Christmas tree design. The colors are
"Christmasy" but also wintery!

You may download the Christmas Tree Papers freebie here.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Update On Me

So many of you have continued to show concern for me and for my situation. I appreciate your inquires into how I am doing! It is so comforting to know that complete strangers wish you well.! It makes the mean and deceitful people seem petty in comparison to those with kind hearts!

The latest update in the saga that is my life is not a good one. The company I have worked for since moving to Florida in 2002, Bally Total Fitness, declared bankruptcy. It announced on Wednesday that it would close 20 locations nationwide.

One of those 20 locations is the club where I work. On January 9, 2009 I will no longer have a job. And since my ex finace' isn't around anymore, and since he took 3/4 of my savings when he left, I find myself in a huge bind.

I have taught fitness classes for the last 10 years. Now it appears I will have to put that on hold so that I can get a job that pays full time. I have to pay my bills. Then, if I can fit a class or two a week into that schedule I will try to find an opening at another club.

This, on top of what has already happened is certainly a lot to have to bear. I am so grateful to all my friends (at work as well as here on the internet.) I know that I have people who are concerned about me and my welfare helping me to look for job openings in the area.

I am trying to be upbeat about this whole thing. Everyone says that I am better off without that worthless SOB I thought was my friend and my soulmate. He was only holding me back!!!