Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last Angel Freebies. Have You Collected Them All?

Good morning! I have the last 2 installments in the Angel Series today. (Did I hear cheering or a sigh of relief?!)

Here is Green Angels. There are 12 angels in this set. Some of them are not completely green, but green is the primary color. Pastel Angels are different colored angels all in the same style. That's the beauty of each Angel Set...there are so many different styles, colors, etc that you simply have to download each set to see what's there!
Once again I am asking for layouts using the angels so that others can "scrap lift" your ideas. In case you don't know what that means, it is simply looking at someone else's work and "copying" their layout ideas but using your own stuff.

For those of you that struggle with coming up with a new layout idea (instead of always using a template) then it is a fun, creative way to think outside the limits of a template and really begin to grow as a digi scrapper!

Before you know it you won't even need other people's work for inspiration! YOU'LL be the one that OTHERS scrap lift from!

Hey, go for it! That's why you do this, isn't it? To exercise your artistic abilities?!

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