Thursday, January 10, 2008

Technical Problems

By now you have probably noticed that they are having some issues over at DigiScrap Depot. It appears the site is more popular than they anticipated...which is a good thing!

Since Vicky (the site creator/administrator) and I email each other, I sent her a note. It appears many others have done the same thing.

Here is a portion of what she wrote back to me:

We hope to have the site running as soon as possible however over the next
few days now and then you may experience a little bit of the same error as we
upgrade to a bigger server as we did not forsee the popularity of the website
becoming so huge in such short amount of time.

Please be patient with them as they try to correct the problems they are having. And please drop Vicky a note on the website's forum and let her know how much we appreciate her hard work!

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