Saturday, April 19, 2008

Enter to Win Time With Dale Jr

Dale Jr. launched a new candy bar not too long ago called "Big Mo." They are offering a sweepstakes that is going on right now where you have the opportunity to win a VIP weekend with NASCAR hottie Dale Jr. Here's what Jr. has to say about it on his Infield Parking blog:

I wanted to remind everyone about the Big Mo Sweepstakes we have cookin’.
Time is almost up for you to win a VIP weekend here in North Carolina during
Charlotte Race Weeks, which includes lunch at my shop with me and my team. There is still time to enter, so go out and buy box-loads of Big Mo, or visit I’m really proud of my candy bar, and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from the fans. Remember, just a few weeks left in the Big Mo-ment Sweepstakes!

~Dale Earnhardt Jr.

If you do not have a code to enter, there is a link to the right (under that gorgeous picture) where you can click to enter anyway. There is one grand prize winner and that person gets to invite 3 guests. I am available that week if you only have 2 other friends! You must enter by April 30th.

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