Friday, April 11, 2008

Fitness Tip #3: Wellsphere

Well, it's time again for another fitness tip. Occasionally I try to pass on interesting ideas or neat little "tools" to help you keep track of your fitness goals and results. (My other fitness tips are available by clicking here.)

Today's tip is about a service called Wellsphere. Using your cell phone you can:

Make your cell phone your wellphone! It's Easy, Fun and Free!
Use Wellsphere
when you're on-the-go to help you stay on your path to feeling good...

Get remindersKeep
"forgetting" about your diet? Need a little extra nudge? Trying to stay on a

Get tipsNeed weight loss
suggestions? Tricks for keeping stress away? Motivation boosts?

Log your progressSkipped
that dessert? Just ran 3 miles? Want everyone to know?

Find local
resourcesLooking for a spa nearby? In the mood to try yoga? Traveling out of

notificationsWant to keep up with friends? Hear about upcoming events? See who
cheered you on?

Update your
journalResisted temptation today? Feeling energized? Struggling to find

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