Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tony Stewart To Leave Joe Gibbs Racing?

Ok, this may not have just come out, but I only heard about it this afternoon. Tony Stewart is rumored to be in talks with Haas CNC Racing. Would love to hear from some #20 fans on this one. At least us Dale Jr. fans knew the saga behind Jr.'s decision to leave DEI. This Stewart move is a little less "soap opera." I knew he had not signed his extension over the off season, but that there was also still time left...unlike Jr. who went past his signing deadline with no compromise from Teresa.

Looks like Tony is looking for a new challenge in his career. And who knows, Joe Gibbs isn't getting any younger. This should make for interesting media this weekend at Talladega!


Ann_Ominous said...

I think it's much ado about not much. Tony's just exploring his options to put himself in a position to get more money.

How about the big one in the NNS race??!! NASCAR should of penalized Kevin LaPage with at least a lap penalty!! That's what they were giving to everybody else who did not blend correctly. Why should Kevin avoid a penalty because he caused a big wreck? He doesn't deserve to finish in front of cars he wrecked!

Deltapdawn said...

Yeah, pretty bad wreck. I think they all wish they were in the COT even in the Nationwide Series. You could tell Cousin Carl was a little rattled.

BTW, look for some Talladega Wordart tomorrow as the frebie.

smileyface_108 said...

Love the Talladega Wordart. Thank you for sharing! I am a huge Tony fan, and I think that right now he is exploring his options to see what is best for him. Go TONY!!!