Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is a Tag?

If you have seen a couple of the posts I entered using layouts that other people have made from my templates then you may be wondering exactly what a "tag" is.

I asked Deborah over at Misfit Princess for an explaination of what a tag is and why someone would make them instead of a layout. Here is her reply:

A tag is just a smaller version of a something such as a layout that allows
someone to enter into an email a cute short little sized (sometimes larger than
some like) personalized graphic. They usually have the senders name on them.
There are tons of tag groupsout there (in yahoo and other groups) and they use a
lot of the layouts just resize them to be anywhere like 3 inches or smaller in
height and width.

Deborah has a tag group called The Princess Pad if this is something you might be interested in following up on. Imagine being able to put your best layout as a signature on your email or your forum page!

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