Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Look What Someone Found...

Check out the following information from Cindyrelly:

Thanks for the Morroco, Egypt, Saudia Arabia and Austria templates ;)
BTW... Here is an interesting blog:
She lives in Austria and even had a Marie Antoinette Freebie:
On April 9th plus the Empress Elisabeth { aka Sisi } of Austria on April 1st!

You might be able to use this Austria stuff for your Countries of the World Template Series layout on the Austria Template.

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tempus fugit said...

thank you for adding my blog-adress on your great site!
From time to time I have freebies on Austria and some insider tips for interested travellers. Yesterday I started my "Travel to..."-series with Ireland so check this out too!
Love and hugs from Austria
Doris AKA