Monday, May 26, 2008

Disney Cruise Information

My fiance' and I are pondering taking a Disney Cruise and we were wondering if anyone had any tips or secrets that would help us find the best rates.
Here are the details:

We would be leaving out of Orlando so we wouldn't need airfare.

My fiance, Jeff, is a member of AARP and AAA.

It's just us two: no children.

Jeff wants to go to Castaway Cay where the Flying Dutchman from the movie Pirates of the Carribean is anchored. However we have been on other cruises to Nassau and I really don't want to go THERE again but it seems that is the only ship that goes to Castaway Cay. Does anyone know anything about that?

Please send your comments and infromation straight to my email so that I can keep them all in one place while we plan this trip.

We'd also appreciate any advice or recomendations for what we should or shouldn't do while on a Disney Cruise. What are "must sees" and what are "never minds?"

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

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