Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones Rocks!

We just got back from seeing the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was really good!
We had borrowed the DVD versions of the other 3 Indiana Jones movies (we actually own them on VHS) and watched them all in a row so we would be caught up and remember the little things.

I wasn't a huge Indie fan "back in the day," but I certainly do appreciate the movies now. I really liked this new movie and recommend it to everyone.


Deborah Misfit said...

My husband and I had our first date with Raiders of the Lost Ark! We can't wait to see the new one! Glad to hear it was good! I posted a bunch more in the United States series on my blog whenever you want to look.

Deltapdawn said...

How funny! I remember going to see Temple of Doom on a date with my ex!! I should have paid more attention to the title!!!LOL
Here are your beautifullayouts.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Deborah Misfit said...

Sweetie - you are welcome - but I should thank you!!! Your layouts are an inspiration. I am chomping at the bit to start the World series, but really want to finish one at a time. They have taught me so much about our country I didn't know. I know have a list of places to visit! Thanks for your generous spirit!