Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Got Another Award!

Kyra at With A Russian/Dutch Heart has given me the "I Love Your Blog Award." This was so sweet of her to send this to me!

Here are the rules for the award:
  • The winner can put the logo on her blog.

  • Link the person you received your award from.

  • Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

  • Put links of those blogs on yours.

  • Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated.

And the nominees are:
  1. Scrap N Tag for making such wonderful CU items for people like me who aren't THAT creative.

  2. Pillowgirl (aka Elizabeth) for making her CU overlays available for me. You know what you did and I thank you!

  3. Tracy's Scraps because she has helped me so much in the past.

  4. Lorri's Scraps has such wonderful and unique templates!

  5. Magsgraphics Thanks for the wonderful emails!

  6. Digiscrapzzutah She is just starting out but looks like she is going strong!

  7. Misfit Princess beacuse she is working on my Cities of the World Template Series now!


Mags said...

I accept! *grinz*
Thank you so much!!
:) Mags,

Deborah Misfit said...

WOW - Sweetie you honor me - I don't ever expect these things and to be nominated is so cool. Thanks again for your generosity to me in the many many ways. I am loving the cities series. I won't be doing them all - as I don't know some of the cities - but the ones I am doing are so precious already to each person for whom I have made them. Thanks again for your sweet caring spirit.