Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carnation Collection Add On Freebie

This is THE LAST of the Flowers Collection Series. This makes 18 different flowers that are represented ( 2 kits each...equals 36 downloads!!!!)

Here is the Carnation Collection Add On freebie.

I think 4 Shared is having some major issues so please come back if you can't download right now. My links don't usually expire so you should be able to get the freebies whenever you want!

Check out the Carnation Collection form yesterday if you haven't had time to download it yet.


ju2ne said...

Hi Deltapdawn
I love your Flower collection series, but I love everything you
My problem is that I can't download your add-ons.......
they are a "rar" type file and I can't get those kinds of files...
Any suggestions???????
Thank you,

Deltapdawn said...

Thanks for your kind words!!!

try this: