Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freebie: Our Little Monster Template

I'm starting my Halloween templates today. The series is entitled Monster Template Series and it contains 6 famous monsters.

As usual I am including both the Paint Shop Pro version, as well as the Photoshop version of each template in its daily zip.

The first entry in this new series is called Our Little Monster and features Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. This is such a classic movie. If you haven't watched THIS version then you REALLY should!
When my son was about 13 we rented this version of Frankenstein along with the comedy version made in 1974, Young Frankenstein . We watched them back to back and I was able to show my son WHY Young Frankenstein was so funny.

Yes, even on its own that movie is halarious. BUT, if you know exactly WHY you are laughing at something it makes it even funnier. My son was able to see the original dramatic scene in Frankenstein and then see the way they made fun of it in Young Frankenstein.

It was a great "family time" activity and every year at this time he will mention something about it in passing (and that was 8 years ago) That shows me he really enjoyed what we did together.

This series contains overlays of the creatures so you don't have to worry about coloring them in exactly. These movies were made in black and white so to me the true Frankenstein or Dracula is a black and white monster! LOL

I hope you can make some cool layouts with these templates in this series! Please let me see what you come up with.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for this great template and look forward to seeing the others.