Friday, October 3, 2008

I AM ON DALE JR'S CAR!!!!!!!!!

YEAH!!!!! Not only did I get my name on Dale Jr's car for the AMP Energy 500 this weekend at Talladega SuperSpeedway, but it is in a fairly good location.

Use this link and my email address ( to see where my name will be.

I am on the passenger's side door directly below the 88. That's where Junior will either hit the wall or where Kyle Bush will rub up against him and ruin my name! LOL

Gosh, I hope Jr wins this weekend!!!!!

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Ann_Ominous said...

uh-oh!! I guess your name got smashed when Jr blew the tire and hit the wall!!

Bummer :(( Special paint schemes like this sometimes seem to be a curse to have to pull out the back-up.

I sure hope there are not as many blown right rear Goodyears as there were Hoosiers in the ARCA race!!