Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jr Wrecks in Practice at Talladega

Ok, so now I am on Dale Jr's WRECKED race car. Junior's tire exploded in the second practice yesterday and it sounded like "the shot heard 'round the world!" Watch the video in this link.

It appeared that the names were not on the car at this point. I looked at the video at Junior's car and it didn't look like names were all over it. Look at this picture from Doug Demmons/The Birmingham News and you'll see what I mean.

Besides, there didn't appear to be any damage under the 88 on the passenger's side...that's where my name is supposed to be!

Thank God Junior wasn't injured. I can stand my name being mulitated on the side of a car...that's just how my luck goes. But it always gets me a little in the stomach when I see an Earnhardt against the wall.

Ok, so they will pull out the back up car and Dale Jr will do what he does best...kick some butt at Talladega!

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