Monday, October 20, 2008

Stupid 4 Shared...

Is it just me or am I crazy? I actually opened my 4 Shared page today and saw my Ghouls freebie. I saw it has been downloaded and someone left me a comment. I read the comment. (I'm glad you like the gray lace.)

Then poof, the entire file is gone without a trace. All in the course of 10 minutes or so. What is that all about? I didn't do a single thing but try to access it from my post and it said it was invalid. I went to the 4 Shared site and it wasn't even in my list of offerings anymore.

Has anyone else had anything similar happen to them recently? Is this a glitch in the system? I've never experienced the file just vanishing off my list before.

The last time I had a 4 Shared issue the file was saying it was invalid even though it had been downloaded almost 400 times. But the invalid file was still in my list of things I had uploaded.

Any insight into this would certainly be nice. Thanks!

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