Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wolf Man Template Freebie

As Halloween gets closer and closer, I am continuing to offer spooky freebies! I figure Halloween is a major picture taking time with all the costumes and parties so you will need a lot of digital scrapbooking elements, templates and what not.
Here is the fourth in my Monster Template Series. It is the Wolf Man Template featuring Lon Chaney, Jr as the Wolf Man (1941.)

This was always one of my favorites when we got to stay up and watch the Halloween Spooktacular special on tv when I was a child. It may look a little goofy to a grown up, but it was certainly "the real thing" to a 10 year old! We were so naive back then!

I used a pentagram border because it was the shape of the pentagrm in the palm of your hand that signified you would become a werewolf! Ha...caught you looking at your own palm, huh? LOL

I also used some vines for the frames to represent the wolfbane (acutally wolfsbane) mentioned in the poem from the movie. The vines don't actually look like wolfsbane, but give me a little poetic license here if you will!!!

Besides, you're still trying to get a glimpse of your neighbor's palm to check for that pentagram, aren't you LOL

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