Thursday, November 6, 2008

Award Time...Excellent Blog Award

This morning on my blog comments I got a note from Lady Shannon. She has a blog at Memories Made Easy. She is also an administrator at CU Freebiees Only Forum. The message award for me!!!

This is the Excellent Blog Award and this one comes with NO RULES. (I like that!) All I have to do is pass this award on. It doesn't even say how many blogs I should honor so I will pick 5 like Lady Shannon did.

Congratulations to these great blogs! Check them out when you have time!


Urban Dragon Digital Art by Tracy King said...

Cool! Thank you for thinking my blog deserves this too :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much I love this. I feel soooooo honored I will post my award and name 5 blogs too is that how this works? I am very new at this. Again thank you soooo much hugs Suzi/Scrappy Deesignz