Sunday, November 30, 2008

Treasured Friends Forever Award

If it were not for Kyra at With A Russian/Dutch heart I don't know what I would do. She has showered me with another award!

This is the Treasured Friends Forever Award. The rules are simple: pass it on to five people who do not already have it.

1. The first person I am passing it on to is my very dear friend from work, Vanessa. She is just starting out in paper scrapping and she doesn't have a digital scrapbooking blog, but she does have a website. So go visit her at Vee Nice Make Up. She has been my ture friend during all these hard months for me.

2. The second person I am giving this award to is Jean at Dream Keepers Random Thoughts. Thank you for all the encouragement concerning my designs and also for your words of support about your own relationship.

3. Next I will pass this award to Tracy at Tracy's Scraps because she was the one who helped me get started with this blog by helping me (online) learn how to fill in a template.

4. Deborah at Misfit Princess gets this award as well. I always send her awards I get because she is very dear to me. She scrapped all 50 of my templates in the State Template Series. Maybe I should put her in my will as well!

5. And the fifth person I am passing this award to is IkeaGoddess at Scrapping With IkeaGoddess for always including my freebies in her wonderful list.


IkeaGoddess said...

Thanks for the award, hon. It's very sweet of you :-)

Nyoka said...

aww, its my very first award, thanks so much! you're making me blush over here... lol. You're a wonderful friend also *hugs*