Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Award Time Again!!!

This morning I got a message from Efie at Efie's Blog telling me she had awarded me 2 awards. I was very excited! Thank you so much, Efie!
Here are the awards:

Since I just got the Treasured Friends Forever award the other day I will not pass it on again. I just want to thank Efie for giving it to me.

The Heart blog award will be passed on to: 1. Kyra at With a Russian/Dutch Heart because I can finally give her one she doesn't appear to already have gotten! She has been a wondefrul inspiration to me. She has offset the cruelty in my life by genuine kindness.

2. Wendy at Pretty Eyes' Creations gets this award as well. She has some really nice stuff on her site!

3. Idgie at Idgie's Heartsong...Scraps in the Key of Life also deserves this award. Her work is very unique.

Thanks again to Efie for her kindness and go check out these other sites if you don't visit them already!


Kyra said...

Sweetie, just the idea you are giving me an award this time makes me so happy. I have to be honest I just in about the same time received it from Edna, but it doesn;t make it less worth. Thanks for thinking of me and you give me far too much credit! But I love you for it. Much appreciated and from me to you a BIG HUG and have a great evening. I know it will be on and off but believe me, the "UP'times will increase and the OFF times will be less and less!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much! This is my first award...ever! I appreciate it SO MUCH! I am new to this so could you please tell me what I have to do now. Thank you!!!

Deltapdawn said...

You are very welcome. Being new, I am sure the encouragement will help a lot. It did for me! All you have to do is pick 3 blogs and list them on your site with a link to each blog. Then you contact each person you nominated (either in comments or on a Cbox) and let them know you have given them an award. Just like I did for you. You also get to copy the award and keep it posted on your blog if you would like. (If there are rules to follow you just copy them and put them in your post, but this particular award has no specific rules. To ses what I mean you can look at other award posts I have and you can see the difference...but don't worry about that now.)