Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Template Freebie

Has this year just flown by or what??? Today I am posting a template for your 12 midnight photos (or any other New Year's picture you'd like to use.)

There are a few tweaks you can make if you know how to move around inside a template. The confetti layer can either be made more transparent or you can move it to a layer behind the photo if you don't want the decoration on top of your picture. Also, it's hard to see here, but the corners are photo corners (I did them in white on the template so you could see them easier.) It just looks weird on this white back ground!

I used Photoshop styles for my layout because they have such good 3D stuff. (You can download a ton of styles at Adobe's website.) I'm not even sure if Paint Shop Pro has the equalivent of Photoshop's style elements. (If you know, please tell me where they are. LOL)

And NO, that isn't me in the picture! I couldn't believe I didn't have 1 single photo handy of ANYONE in my family kissing anyone else...not even a pet! LOL The picture is of one of the women from Desperate Housewives. (No, I have never sat down and watched the show, amazing as that may sound.)

Happy New Year everybody!

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