Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Freebie I Promised: Our House Template

I am uploading the Our House template this morning. I put both the Paint Shop Pro and the Photoshop versions in one zip this time so when you download it, you'll get both. I usually offer them as seperate links, but I thought this might be easier.
I am very excited...I had an email when I got up this morning from the creative team at Make It Scrappy that said they had selected my Our House layout as the lay out of the day (LOTD.)
If it weren't for the really friendly people at Make It Scrappy I wouldn't even be doing digital scrapping at all! Tracy was the one who "taught" me how to actually fill in a template. She answered my email questions and was so sweet!
At that time I was just downloading elements and alphabets so that I could print them and use them in my paper scrapbooking. But I liked the templates (and Tracy has some wonderful ones) so I decided to send an email and see if she would help me get started. I had Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro but had no idea how to get started.
With just a few tips and tricks under my belt I was able to follow a logical sense of how things worked in each program and little by little I advanced myself. Right now I am working on using an action with a mask! It's a slow process of trial and error, and sometimes the result of my experiments is not even what I had imagined. Sometimes that's a good thing! It opens new doors for me.
Anyway enough patting myself on the back. Have fun "building" your house!


makeyesup said...

Thanks for the template. Glad Tracy was able to help you, I consider her the template queen and always enjoy doing that challenge over at MIS.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

Lisa said...

I need to go check out the LOTD, congratulations! Thanks for this great template!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

candacecook said...

How exciting to see the MIS site helpin' folks get started. Love the template, look forward to seeing more. Don't forget to add your freebies in the fresh n free gallery at Make It Scrappy! TFS this. wonderful!