Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Space Shuttle Lift Off At Night

One of the benefits of living in Florida ia being able to see the Space Shuttle take off from our back yard. Since it had been so long since NASA has had a nighttime lift off, we decided to drive down toward Cape Carnaveral and watch up close.

We stopped in Titusville and parked in a Walgreens parking lot. We were about 10 miles away. Here is what we saw:

There was a tremendous amount of cloud cover, so we lost sight of the shuttle pretty soon after it took off, but the sight of the blast off was unbelieveable!

My fiance is a huge space program fan. For a Mother's Day gift one year he got me into the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX). The program includes working on a space shuttle simulator and an up close, behind the sceens tour of Kennedy Space Center.

We also went to the private, season passholders only opening of the Shuttle Launch Experience at Kenney Space Center. We even saw Sally Ride inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Make sure when you are in the Orlando area that you take one day away from Disney, Universal and Sea World to go to the Kennedy Space Center.


Anonymous said...

I'm unable to get by everyday so I have to play catch up once or twice a week but I do want to thank you for all of your wonderful templates! You made a comment regarding templates being requested from different countries and how it was a lot of templates...you are right it is a lot but it also says how very much people are enjoying and appreciating all your work - if it wasn't so good no one would be asking for more! :D Thank you again!!!!

Cindi said...

Awesome pic!! Thanks for sharing!!

Sharon Kay said...

Wow that is a great picture! Thanks for sharing it...we didn't even realize they were having a lift off so we missed it on tv.