Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just For Redheads

There is a website called Just for Redheads that sells hair care products and cosmetics for all different shades of redheads. For those of us too fair to use regular brown/black mascara, there are lighter shades like auburn eyebrow pencils and mascara.

I LOVE their shampoo and conditioner with natrual henna in it. It doesn't color my hair, but rather brings out my natrual highlights. I have a lot of blonde streaks in my red hair. People are always asking me who colors my hair, but it is all natural. I am very lucky. I consider my hair to be my best "asset" when it comes to "beauty." It maybe the only one! LOL

The conditioner is a spray on, leave in conditioner and I like it way more than the kind you put on in the shower. It doesn't weigh your hair down.

The henna works on natural highlights for brunettes too. Sometimes they have some red in their hair.

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ArtsyChaos said...

I, too, am a redhead and always get the "do you color your hair" question. I guess most people don't think it grows naturally. LOL