Thursday, April 17, 2008

They Just Keep Coming: Dominican Republic Template Freebie

Good morning! Boy I love my days off! I don't get 2 in a row (like a Saturday and Sunday) so when I wake up and I have a whole day in front of me with endless possibilities it makes me so happy!

Today will be a template designing day. I try to stay 4 or 5 ahead in case I can't design one day. So it is time to restock my back up supply!
I will be taking a break from the Countires of the World Template Series tomorrow to post my Passover Template since Passover begins on Saturday. I know Passover is a time of family so I thought I'd offer a template so there would be a nice place to put the pictures you might take while the whole family is gathered together.

Today's digitial scrapbooking frebiee is the Dominican Republic Template. My fiance' and I went to Punta Cana back in 2003. I was a traveling fitness instructor so as part of the deal I taught Pilates Mat at the Breezes Resort there. It is part of the SuperClubs organization.

If you are a fitness professional, tennis pro or masseuse then you can participate in the traveling fitness program as well. Here is the link to Fitness Pro Travel. I have been traveling with this company since 2000. I've been to Jamaica 3 times and the Dominican Republic once. Each time I get to bring my family as part of the deal.

Back to the template for a second: I put the airport element as a grass hut becuse when we were there it was a thatched roof, open air building. If you don't like the look (or the buliding has changed in the last 5 years) you can add a mat beneath that element and it will fill the building in a little.

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