Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Favor Please

I have a huge favor to ask of you guys. I have just been promoted at work and I am now in charge of the entire group exercise program at the location I work. (I am the Pilates manager there as well.)

Here's what I need...

We offer a type of class called Fitness Plus. These classes are things that are normaly not on the standard group exercise schedule. For example, we offer a bridal party bootcamp where the entire party (bride, bridesmaids, goom and best man, etc) participates in a series of classes that will prepare them for their wedding photos!

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These classes can be a one time thing or a series of classes. Members are asked to pay a small fee (in addition to their membership fees) which ranges from $5 to whatever a series of classes might be worth.

I NEED IDEAS!!! Please send me ideas for classes that you might like to take at a gym that aren't already on the schedule. Think outside the box. Be creative. Or steal an idea from a gym you go to!!!! I need to come up with some fresh new suggestions.

We already offer salsa dancing, Zumba, belly dancing , kickboxing and abs. Those are standard classes already on our schedule.

I have prided myself on the fact that I have offered you guys 1 free download everyday (but Christmas Day) since November of last year. I do it for free and I love doing it. I don't ask for money for my designs.

Now, I'm asking for something in return. Your ideas can really help me make a good impression coming into this new responsibility at work. I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Patamomma said...

Wow, this is a very tall order hon. I would like something like jazzercize, or disco for the retro fun of it. Swing dancing? Hmmmm. Yoga? Or how about a class for pregnant women on all the excercizes they should do during pregnancy to prepare to be more flexible for birth? Or just a wonderful flexibility class. Doing those exercizes actually helps you lose inches. Plus making you more flexible. That's all I got hon. Good luck in your new role at work. Oh, google it and maybe come up with new stuff. Patty

Anonymous said...

BOUNCING!!! Using a small round trampoline called a bouncer 10 mins or so a day will cause you to increase your metab so much you'll lose 5+ pounds a month...just by bouncing around a bit. Plus its fun as hell, can do great things with arm weights and great potential to use music in classes. Bouncers are a teeny bit pricey. Decent one is about $50, so would be a bit of an investment. But seriously, look up "bouncer" on some fitness/homeopathy sites and see the HUGE raves people give.

Other ideas is tai chi, which is very limited very controlled slow movement but great for muscle tone.

Finally, and this is really a huge service, offer a very light yoga class for people with fibromyalgia. Advertise it, and you'll be SWAMPED!!! I'm personally fully physically disabled with fibro and have been since age 29...theres tons of us...avg of 1 in 6 women has it! And working out is very difficult for us. But light yoga not only is fun but it can VASTLY improve our overall health. Look into'll be doing a huge service, serving a waaay underserved market, and totally being innovator in the fitness scene.

Hmmm...lemme see if i can think of some others...OH! I saw a website that showed you how to work out with common household using gallon milk jugs filled with sand instead of handweights, etc. So maybe something like that, along with great music and generally fun it like 'budget body boogie' or some such nonsense.

Hope one or more of those help you!

Deltapdawn said...

Thanks for your comments!

-mo- said...

Sorry no ideas :( but thank you so much for all you have shared. xxx Mo in the west of ireland

Cindyrelly said...

hmmmmm.... not sure if you thought of Pole Dancing but it seems to be a very good form of workout. You know, like strippers?? I guess that would mean investing in some poles though? Just a thought.