Thursday, May 8, 2008

Update: Kristi Yamaguchi

Although Kristi Yamaguchi is still in the running on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, she is no longer in first place. Kristi and her partner, Mark Ballas, have been using very difficult moves in their routines.

Kristi's husband, Brett Hedican, has been her biggest fan as she continues to advance in each round of the competition. As the field grows more narrow, it will be harder for each contestant to pull ahead. These are the best that are left.

Good luck, Krisiti!!! We are still behind you 100%!!

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Anonymous said...

KRISTIASIANS CALIFORNIA, voting for you all this and Mark have been doing marvelous. You are a winner to us already even before you ever stepped foot on dwts! We love you and our parents love you, we are so proud that you accepted this challenge and proud to be American Asians....