Tuesday, May 6, 2008

USA Template Guesses

Ok, so I guess it is my fault that I didn't say this for the United States of America Template pictures: Not all the pictures would fit exactly in the state where they belong.

There are no Texas pictures eventhough the whole state was covered by one. I haven't been to Texas in 17 years. and my old pics got lost in the 1999 divorce somewhere. Hint: Frankly, The Texas space IS covered by a southern city. I wouldn't put a Yankee city there!

So guess again!


Ann_Ominous said...

Shoot, I dunno then. San Antonio and Seatle are the only US cities I can think of that have a "needle" like building.... Atlanta would be a WAG....

Is the one above it Chicago? And Miami in the Florida corner?

Deltapdawn said...

WAG wins!!! LOL My hint started with "Frankly" which was a reference to Atlanta a la Rhett Butler! LOL I would never have known Atlanta if I hadn't actually been in that building. It has a revolving restaurant in it. My hockey team tells the story of one of their players who was afraid of heights. They took him to the restaurant (which is very "high end") but didn't tell him the room moved. LOL He freaked out when he saw the skyline moving!