Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your Layouts!

Thanks to Rita for sending me a layout her daughter, Karen, did using the Elvis element from my All Shook Up Kit Add On.
There is more 50's stuff in the matching All Shook Up Kit and All Shook Up Template if you missed them back in January.

And thank you Rita for your kind words concerning my blog! I will certainly take what you said into consideration as I make my decision about my blog!


Cassandra said...

That's an awesome page! I'm sorry you're not getting the traffic you want on your site. I have been a loyal fan for a while and have downloaded almost everything you put up. I don't know why more people aren't coming. Yes, I've seen people with stuff not half as good as yours get more downloads.

I can only think it must be the rar issue. Some people just aren't computer literate enough to know they can, in fact, download and unzip those kinds of files. I have seen many comments around in the form of, "I can't download XXX files." whether it's pdf or rar or whatever. They don't realize they can. I wish you luck in your future endeavors if you decide to quit. But for me (selfishly of course), I hope you continue.

Sorry I wrote so much! :)

Deltapdawn said...

Thanks for the comments and for your continued loyality. That will weigh in when I make my decision! And you didn't write too much...maybe it will help others understand what they need to do!